What are our jewels made of?

All of our jewelry, unless specified in the product description, is made of 925 Sterling Silver.  Our gold products are plated in 18/23 ct gold, offering the highest quality and durability.

How to clean our jewels? 

All of our jewelry has been treated with a technique that helps prevent loss of shine. However, this natural process can be reversed by cleaning them properly. For example:

Soak your jewel with a little soap and warm water. Then gently rub it with a bristle brush to get it to shine  back.  In the case of 925 Sterling Silver jewellery, we recommend cleaning it with Sidol Aladdin for a better and optimal result. Finally, remember that gold-plated pieces require greater care. Heavy rubbing can lead to loss of the bath.

It is also important to take into account the following considerations in order to maintain them as well as possible:

  • Your jewelry may lose its shine when exposed outdoors for a long time.
  • We recommend removing your jewelry before going to sleep, showering or before participating in any physical activity.
  • Exposure to certain chemicals or environments can affect the integrity of your jewelry. This includes perspiration (sweat), perfumes/cologne, cleaning products, chlorine, salt water, silver polish, etc. 

Lina Kort does not guarantee that the plating in the jewelry will last forever. Gold-plated jewelry is more likely to lose color over time, depending on the amount of chemicals they have been exposed to (skin pH, body sweating, chemicals, etc.)

How to maintain our jewels?

To prevent our jewelry from getting damaged or scratched over time, we recommend storing it in one of our boxes, in a fabric or cotton bag, or in a suitable jewelry box to ensure its longevity. Never use rubber containers, these can accelerate the loss of shine and luster.

You should keep them away from any direct exposure to sunlight or warm places. Also, do not store them in wet areas (for example, a bath).